CPE Bach’s 300th anniversary

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (8/3/1714 – 14/12/1788) is one of the important composers of the 18th century. In his lifetime, he was even more famous than his father Johann Sebastian Bach and his works were unusually widespread all over Europe. He studied law at the universities of Frankfurt and Leipzig. But his father taught him to play the harpsichord and to compose. Read more »

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Michel Nowak – for the love of concert band and woodwind ensemble

Michel Nowak is first and foremost an ardent music lover.  He made it his mission to make the great melodies and compositions he adores available to be played by his favourite ensembles : the concert band and the woodwind ensembles.  Being the conductor of the Concert Band at Avion and the Woodwind Ensemble of Nord Pas-de-Calais, he arranged a vast number of works for these ensembles – the great classics, traditional, folk, and modern compositions. His woodwind ensemble consists of the clarinet and saxophone families, stringbass and percussion. Read more »

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Francis Laperteaux – not only trombone

Next to his professional job as a trombone player at the Royal Belgian Airforce Band and an active life as a performer in different professional jazz and classical orchestras, Francis Laperteaux is also a prolific composer for different genres like variety and jazz. But he also created a broad repertoire for learning musicians. Read more »

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Roland Cardon – the Belgian Sousa

Roland Cardon is a very well-known composer for wind band in Europe and the United States, where they call him the ‘Belgian Sousa’. Read more »

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Leonello Capodaglio – Venetian maestro

Leonello Capodaglio’s catalogue contains over 300 opus numbers including three oratorios and two operas, complete works for piano, harpsichord, etc… resulting in hundreds of performances, broadcasts and recordings in Italy as well as in other countries. Moreover, his name often features on the list of compulsary works for national and international violin and piano competitions, for which he is often invited as judge.

Read more »

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Bruno Meeus – drummer wizard

Session drummer and composer Bruno Meeus (Antwerp) traveled several years through Europe with bands like The Wizards of Ooze (Belgium), Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack (Great Britain) and Buggs Henderson (United States). He was involved in international sessions live, in studio or on televion with a.o. Zap Mama, Rick de Leeuw, Robert-Jan Stips, Sil Matadin and Lucretia van der Vloot, acquiring extensive experience in the “implementation of eclectic grooves and polyrhythmic eruptions”. Read more »

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Martinus Wolf – Pianoman

Literally a “Pianoman”, that’s what Martinus Wolf (°1964 as Martin Jansen) tends to call himself. This charismatic personage with a background and education in the theatrical arts is a ‘performing’ pianist in the first place.
His heart lies with street artists, accompanying silent movies, cabaret & theaterpieces.  A piano player in a market place in a city ? Big change it is Martinus Wolf. Read more »

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Stephane Vande Ginste – contemporary piano, also for piano learners

Since 2000, Stephane Vande Ginste has been composer-in-residence with the Emanon Ensemble and since 2009 with ensemble Arco Baleno; He combines his composing activities with performances as a soloist and in chamber music, with a particular focus on contemporary music.

Vande Ginste regularly leads workshops in piano for young children, with the result that didactic works have become an important part of his oeuvre. In his own words: “I attempt to write music that is attractive for young people and yet remains contemporary in style.” Read more »

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Erik Lotichius – symphonic and vocal works life at last

Erik Lotichius is an old man now, in his eighties, weakened by disease, but his voice still sounds vigorous and energetic. And there is nothing but sheer delight and happiness speaking from his eyes, while he is attending the recording sessions of a number of his symphonic works in Saint Petersburg in 2012. “I’m so happy to hear what my orchestral work actually sounds like” he explains in the touching documentary “Mood Indigo. A composer at work” by filmmakers Gys and Leonard Besseling.

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