Julien Keymolen – a student’s compagnon

Flemish composer Julien Keymolen comes from a musical family. Father, aunts and uncles were playing an instrument. His uncle, Father Keymolen, missionary in Hawaii , wrote a lot of music for the liturgy.

Composing was therefore a childhood dream, so it was clear very early on that he would go to a music conservatory for his studies. He focused on the flute, on chamber music and choral singing and worked himself through the entire theoretical program. After obtaining a degree of excellence, he went even further acquiring skills in choral conducting and composition. For over a decade he was the leader of a small chamber ensemble and a choir.

Julien Keymolen visited various music academies to learn about their needs in terms of music and consequently worked on suitable duets, trios, quartets for wind instruments, that were well-fitted to the needs of music teachers and their pupils. Music academy directors label him therefore an “academy-friendly composer ” .

As a versatile composer he wrote for a wide variety of instruments and ensembles. Many of his compositions are geared to those who want to be involved with music, at leisure. He also wrote songs for children, for catholic liturgical celebrations and some polyphonic music for mixed choir. By the end of 2013 his repertoire came close to 300 already.

All the works from Julien Keymolen are available in MyPartitor. Many of them have difficulty level 1 or 2, easy-going material for beginners and music students.  Select your instrument, make your choice and have fun !

source : www.dmp.be 

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