Hope and Glory, Pomp and Circumstance – 80 years later

80 years after his death, the whole world is still grateful for the life and works of the impressively moustached English gentleman, Sir Edward Elgar (1856-1934), who left us a.o. an exquisite cello concerto, Enigma Variations, a series of Military Marches, and who added greatly to the choir repertoire.

But for all British (and the emigrated British now called Americans ;-) ), even for those that are not too keen on the classical in music, he is the hero who gave them a glorious anthem which unites them throughout any great moment of national pride, be it in sports, parades, celebrations or any other festive event.

You can find on YouTube a version of his “Pomp and Circumstance ” March No 1 conducted by his sir-iness himself

The “Land of Hope and Glory” theme from the trio of this 1st March therefore has to belong to any instrumentalist’s repertoire. You haven’t got it yet ? Dig in the MyPartitor library. It contains, at the time of writing this blog, arrangements for :

More will certainly be added in time. Check it out now in the MyPartitor library. There is a nice selection from the wealth of music Sir Edward blessed us all with. Click the magnifying glass to find all available arrangements.


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