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Music publishers participating in the Partitor library are representing – be it exclusively or not – a range of composers and musicians going back as far as the beginning of the 20th century. Not all of these talented individuals are equally well known by the general public, but they all have been selected on the basis of their intrinsic quality and the irrefutable value of their compositions.

These composers often wrote and write exquisite music for both professionals and amateur musicians. Some are specialized in choral music, others in hafabra or percussion. Experienced music teachers and trainers  have written instrument methods or works for instrument soloists or works for specific music ensembles. Some are still young but hold a promise for more gems to come. Some are older, accomplished and ripened in their approach. And of course, some have passed away since a while, leaving it to us – publishers and musicians – to revive and enjoy their musical accomplishments.

But who is who between these hundreds of names in the MyPartitor library ? How do you find your way to exactly those (series of) compositions that best suit your needs ?

There is an excellent and convenient search engine in MyPartitor, allowing you to make a selection on instrument or ensemble in any combination, on level of difficulty and on any keyword.

But you can also search on composer name. Of course there are the hundreds of great classical composers, which we do not have to present you anymore. But some others have passed into obscurity or are well known only by the connoisseurs.

So, in order to help you determine what composer is worth following or discovering for your instrument or ensemble, we will build here a composer index and add short introductions and guidelines to this blog introducing you in an agreeable way to composers of whom you may never have heard before, but who have more than one surprise for you in store.

Follow us, read, listen, learn and discover.

Any suggestions, any preferences, eager to find out more ? Please let us know. We will happily take your question to heart and find the information and the compositions you are looking for.

Best greetings from the
MyPartitor redaction team

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