Clarinet lovers – moody or cheerful – the choice is yours

French clarinetist and composer, Xavier Eeckeloot, born in 1975 and raised in Dunkerque, France,  studied the clarinet for 10 years and joins at the age of sixteen L’Ochestre d’Harmonie de Dunkerque, not a professional but a very active and high-level concert band. Xavier is a bass clarinetist. With the orchestra he travels to England, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Israel. He eagerly learned composition through self-study, but especially from fellow musicians, conductors and other composers he meets. For 5 years he teaches the clarinet in his hometown of Strasbourg.


Xavier Eeckeloot built a quite extensive catalog of  compositions and arrangements for both small and medium wind ensembles as well as works for concert band. His work is published in several countries (Canada, USA, Great Britain, Belgium and France).

With Xavier you feel his great love for and knowledge of  the unique qualities of the clarinet in his compositions for clarinet and piano. In some of them, he makes use of the deeper register of the clarinet to resonate the melancholy in a theme. Others are cheerful and playful and lively. But all of them are very playable for the average clarinetist.

Listen for example to this Klezmer-like fantasy Paladinade

of to one of his cheerful polka’s, like this Miran Polka.

If you are a member of a clarinet quartet, you have ample choice to enrich your repertoire with catchy arrangements of series of famous musical themes:

like these Best of Marches

or this: Forza con Verdi

Xavier Eeckeloot continues to play the clarinet and bass clarinet in various brass bands and wind orchestra’s in Alsace and the North of France, writing interesting arrangements for them, which go well with any concert audiences.

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