Guitar students, let’s go to the beach !

11 nautical pieces for intermediate solo guitarCoastlines such as those of Northern France, Norway or Cornwall are – visually as well as auditive – a great source of inspiration. Stefaan Baert translated the various impressions that he got from his visits to these shores into a number of amusing sketches for solo guitar: the titles are clear “Lobster Blues” “Ballet of the Crabs” “Ship’s Return” “Stream” “Dabbling” etc. Every sketch breathes a different atmosphere, which facilitates the interpretation.

SKETCHES OF SEA AND SHORE – 11 nautical pieces for solo guitar

Stefaan Baert is a guitar teacher and he knows how important it is to encourage beginning guitar students, children especially, by giving them attractive pieces to play. But, at the same time, each study has to add something to the pupils technical knowhow.

“Sketches of Sea and Shore” does just that !  The finger arrangements for the left hand are simple and well-suited even for smaller hands. Still, the pupil gets acquainted with a whole range of techniques which give specific colours to each piece: glissando, portamento, arpeggio, pizzicato, harmonics, percussion, hammer-on, pull-off.

You want to see how it is done ? Stefaan posted a rendering of each sketch on YouTube : see some examples here.

In the case of these nautical sketches, the scripture is simple, but there is a lot of musical meaning, which even the younger performer will easily grasp.

You can try it for yourself of course :the sheet music for each sketch can be bought and downloaded separately from the MyPartitor library.

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