Easy Beautiful Piano Music

Recently we have put some easy beautful piano music online for download: expressive, fragile and full of artistry: the piano music of Christa Steenhuyse-Vandevelde. Several pieces available as download from MyPartitor.

Download the sheet music here:


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Accordeonista Myriam Mees : master in accordion ensemble music

Les Editions du Nord just made available a load of arrangements for accordion ensemble of popular works from the great composers – Mozart, Bach, Händel, Grieg, Rossini, Mascagni, etc… A genre that works well for young and less young accordeon players. At least if these arrangements are of good quality.

But that is exactly one of the specialties of Belgian accordionist and cellist Myriam Mees, who made a name for herself as a composer and arranger for her instrument since the nineties, based on her hands-on pedagogical experiences with chamber music and accordion ensembles. Read more »

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Clarinet lovers – moody or cheerful – the choice is yours

French clarinetist and composer, Xavier Eeckeloot, born in 1975 and raised in Dunkerque, France,  studied the clarinet for 10 years and joins at the age of sixteen L’Ochestre d’Harmonie de Dunkerque, not a professional but a very active and high-level concert band. Xavier is a bass clarinetist. With the orchestra he travels to England, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Israel. He eagerly learned composition through self-study, but especially from fellow musicians, conductors and other composers he meets. For 5 years he teaches the clarinet in his hometown of Strasbourg.


Xavier Eeckeloot built a quite extensive catalog of  compositions and arrangements for both small and medium wind ensembles as well as works for concert band. His work is published in several countries (Canada, USA, Great Britain, Belgium and France). Read more »

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Guitar students, let’s go to the beach !

11 nautical pieces for intermediate solo guitarCoastlines such as those of Northern France, Norway or Cornwall are – visually as well as auditive – a great source of inspiration. Stefaan Baert translated the various impressions that he got from his visits to these shores into a number of amusing sketches for solo guitar: the titles are clear “Lobster Blues” “Ballet of the Crabs” “Ship’s Return” “Stream” “Dabbling” etc. Every sketch breathes a different atmosphere, which facilitates the interpretation.

Read more »

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Hope and Glory, Pomp and Circumstance – 80 years later

80 years after his death, the whole world is still grateful for the life and works of the impressively moustached English gentleman, Sir Edward Elgar (1856-1934), who left us a.o. an exquisite cello concerto, Enigma Variations, a series of Military Marches, and who added greatly to the choir repertoire.

But for all British (and the emigrated British now called Americans ;-) ), even for those that are not too keen on the classical in music, he is the hero who gave them a glorious anthem which unites them throughout any great moment of national pride, be it in sports, parades, celebrations or any other festive event. Read more »

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Belgian Music Publishers go digital @ Frankfurter Musikmesse 2014

2014 will be the 10th consecutive year that the Belgian Music Publishers introduce themselves as a  group to the thousands of visitors (music professionals as well as general public music adepts) visiting the Internationale Musikmesse in Frankfurt every year. This year they will together promote their joint digital sheet music library mypartitor.com. Read more »

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Bart Leys – best in band music

Bart Leys (°1985) Considered a music talent from childhood, he studied saxophone at the Conservatory of Ghent and followed composition with Dirk Brossé. He already wrote a number of solo and chamber works for saxophone, an instrument he also teaches at Wetteren Music Academy.

But he also put a number of highly appreciated compositions for brass and wind band to his name. A name worth remembering! Read more »

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Patrick Wilwerth – organ playing made fun

If you think organ music is heavy stuff and destined for funerals mainly, think again:
I discovered the music of Patrick Wilwerth in the MyPartitor sheet music library and found a lot of excellent performances by the master himself  on YouTube.

Patrick Wilwerth makes playing  and listening to organ music absolutely fun, joyful, energetic, modern, attractive.  Read more »

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Dominique Vanhaegenberg – brace yourself for brass

You might know Dominique Vanhaegenberg as trombone player in André Rieu’s Il Novecento, but hopefully also by his many compositions and arrangements for orchestra’s and for pop artists.

And if you are lucky enough to know Dominique in person, you will enjoy the contagious effect he has on the good mood of the musicians and the audience. His roguish eyes make it inevitable for you to grin. Still the seriousness with which he makes himself a man of repute in the world of music deserves our respect. Read more »

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Gaston Feremans – late-romantic religious choir works

50 years ago, on 11 February 1964, composer Gaston Feremans died in Berchem near Antwerp. A reason for MyPartitor to put the spotlights on this Flemish romantic composer. For the occasion,  music editor Euprint published some of his works in close cooperation with the Brussels Cathedral Choir. These compositions are included in their series Collectio Cathedralis and are now also available in the MyPartitor library.

Read more »

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